Monsieur Truffe

11 Sep

 Multicultural Cuisine of…


Monsieur Truffe
90 Smith St,
(03) 9416 3101
Ahhh, sunny days, sitting at little eateries around Smith and Brunswick St, with good friends. Is there anything better in the life of a Melbournian? Not for this one! One of my absolute favourite places to spend a bare minimum of an hour (usually two hours) wondering aimlessly through is the Lost + Found Market, also on Smith St. It’s a vintage lovers heaven, with multiple floors filled with everything from clothing, to shoes, to kitchen wares, furniture, jewellery, old cameras, type writers, yarn, and literally everything in between. I’ve found it physically impossible for me to leave Lost + Found without purchasing anything, so after a long perusal at Lost + Found on this particular day with the lovely Ms Em, I left with a 1938 copy of The American Woman’s Cookbook for a bargain price of $20, and Ms Em left with a very old, traditional Victoria book on etiquette, and an old school, American college type, iron, mega phone. Yup. Bloody brilliant. We made our way down Smith St yelling randomly into the newly acquired megaphone, pausing when we reaching Monsiuer Truffe. All of that hard work vintage trawling surely deserved an afternoon treat! And so, we found ourselves sitting at a little table, basking in the Melbourne winter sunshine, reading through our new books. Monsiuer Truffe has become a bit of a Melbourne institution. After a modest beginning at the Prahran Market, a shop was opened on Smith St in 2008, and Melbourne has been indulging ever since. Upon entering this little gem, you’re faced almost immediately with shelves upon shelves of chocolate. From all around the world. Madagascar. Bolivia. Venezuela. Milk, dark, white. Cocoa. Nibs. Blocks. With almonds. With hazelnuts. Name your poison.
Ahhh chocolate. My true love. It’s OK, Sous-Jeff knows how I feel about chocolate. I saunter straight to the counter, to admire the assorted cakes and pastries, and to make sure my favourite treat is there – the chocolate croissant.
Ahhh, thank you, Chocolate Gods! My croissant is there, waiting for me! We decide to do some sharing, so we ca get more dessert options in – we grab a chocolate croissant and a piece of flourless chocolate cake. Delicious. Ms Em also grabs a coffee.
Straight into the chocolate cake we go!
It arrived on our table on a little, white plate, dusted in the softest cocoa powder. It was divine. Soft, moist, rich and chocolatey, without being super heavy and overpowering, it’s a delicate piece of heaven. I’ve had this cake before, and I will have it again. It’s delicious!
And, my favourite, the chocolate croissant. Golden, flaky pastry, housing some very amazing chocolate.
It’s light, soft, airy, and the chocolate – just wow. You know what? There really are no words to describe it. Enjoy this food porn instead, maybe that’ll be able to explain the deliciousness better than I can.
Yet another wonderful afternoon in the company of Monsieur Truffe – the only way of bettering this afternoon tea would have been to be eating them warmed up! Other than that, no complaints. Get there people. Seriously! And if Smith St isn’t working for you, get on down to their new shop, L’atelier de Monsieur Truffe, at 351 Lygon St, East Brunswick.

Would rate it 9 out of 10.

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