31 Mar


Hey guys,

WOW it’s been SO long since I’ve posted under this account… basically, life got crazy, and I needed some time to look after myself, so this had to take a back seat…

BUT I’m back now, in better health, a better head space, and at a brand new blog ( – to any of you who are still out there, thank you and please come visit me at my new address – I’d love to see you all again¬† : )

Christmas Feasting 2012 :)

27 Dec

Multicultural Inspiration from…

the Christmas table!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! A few days late, I know… and I know I’ve not been posting as much as usual, and apologies for that. I won’t be posting as often anymore, I don’t think – I’m pretty busy with work at the moment which really sucks, so it’s getting harder to find time to get into the kitchen. Also, kinda broke at the moment, so not able to do so many restaurant reviews, which also sucks. BUUUUT I couldn’t not share Christmas deliciousnesses with everyone!!


So, here’s what we ate for Christmas lunch with my family…



Entrees consisted of…

– prawn, avocado and mango boats

– mini quiches (tomato & parsley, and bacon & parmesan)

– prosciutto wrapped rockmelon

– roast vegetable terrine

– caprese salad

– tuna sashimi

– “Italian sushi”

– fresh bread

– cheese pastry twists

– Ratatouille tarts

– spinach and salmon roullade

– assorted cold meats and anti pasti in oil


Then came the mains…


Lasagne, meats, potatoes and salads… yuummmm!!!


And of course, dessert (AKA the best part!)..


-vanilla pannacotta with pistachio meringue sticks

– chocolate truffles

– chocolate spiders

– pomegranate and chocolate ganache tart (RECIPE TO COME!)

– rocky road tower

– limoncello tiramisu

– little vanilla Christmas tree cakes

– fritelle

– chocolate dipped strawberries

– chocolate tart with praline



It’s times like this where I’m very thankful for everything I have… not just the amazing food, but also being surrounded by my amazing family. Not everyone is that fortunate, and I know that I’m amongst the lucky ones. To echo dad’s prayer before we ate, we are thankful, and our thoughts, prayers, and love are with those less fortunate. I hope that everyone had a beautiful Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones :) xo

Taste of Melbourne, 2012

2 Dec

Despite the fact I wanted to vomit for the remainder of the day at last year’s Taste of Melbourne, and despite the fact that I’d be out for 12 hours drinking and eating for my birthday on the same day, Taste of Melbourne 2012 was something I looked forward to for months!


Much like last years review, I’m not gonna bore you with the details, you can Google them. Here’s the good stuff – what was eaten :D


The Botanical's lamb burger with truffled mayo (10 crowns)

The Botanical’s lamb burger with truffled mayo (10 crowns)



Mahjong’s steamed BBQ pork buns (6 crowns)

Sake's chirsachi salad - yuzu dressed sashimi, thin noodles, seasonal leaves and tempura crunch (12 crowns)

Sake’s chirsachi salad – yuzu dressed sashimi, thin noodles, seasonal leaves and tempura crunch (12 crowns)


Sake's tonkatsu cups - panko fried pork belly, mustard miso and BBQ sauce in a lettuce cup (8 crowns)

Sake’s tonkatsu cups – panko fried pork belly, mustard miso and BBQ sauce in a lettuce cup (8 crowns)


Mamasita's blackeyed bean taco (6 crowns)

Mamasita’s blackeyed bean taco (6 crowns)








Livingroom's beetroot cured salmon with vanilla & lime pickled cucumber, and horseradish cream. (10 crowns)

Livingroom’s beetroot cured salmon with vanilla & lime pickled cucumber, and horseradish cream. (10 crowns)


Burch & Purchase's choc chip cookie ice cream

Burch & Purchase’s choc chip cookie ice cream




Libertine's apple & frangipane tart with maple ice cream and candied walnuts (8 crowns)

Libertine’s apple & frangipane tart with maple ice cream and candied walnuts (8 crowns)



Albert St Food & WIne's Meyer lemon tart (8 crowns)

Albert St Food & Wine’s Meyer lemon tart (8 crowns)



Another great day of eating and drinking, in the beautiful sunshine at Albert Park lake… life is good :)


The Burger Lounge

10 Nov

Multicultural Cuisine of…

Casual Dining

The Burger Lounge
902  Main St,
(03) 9431 4500
Visit Website

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done this earlier, because this is my local burger joint, it’s been around for ages now, and it’s bloody amazing. Apologies for the absurd delay.

So, let’s keep it short and sweet. The Burger Lounge is a little burger place in Eltham, in a busy corner with not a heap of room considering how busy they always are (ok, it’s not that small, but if I had it my way, it would be). It was opened by locals Gerry & Florie after noticing a demand for a healthy take-away option what wasn’t being met. It’s a no booking, first come first serve, wait patiently in line among the noisy, happy masses, and hope that someone vacates their seats before your burger is served.

Sous-Jeff and his mates made it a mission when it first opened a few years ago to try every burger on the menu – from classic beef, to vegetarian, lamb, chicken and seafood, there are 24 burgs to choose from, all served on the most amazing sourdough panini. The burgers are freshly made in the kitchen behind the front counter where you can watch them being constructed, so you know they have nothing to hide, and that always makes the experience heaps better!

While I’ve tried quite a few options, one of my favourites is the classic with cheese, with my own addition of avocado.

On a freshly made, sugar-free, sour-dough bun, loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, tomato relish, herb aioli (YUMMM!!!!!), melted tasty cheese, a huge chunk of avocado and 100% prime, organic, hormone- and chemical-free beef, there’s not much more to say about it. Delicious, fresh, not greasy or heavy, it’s just a really, really good burger. It fills you up without making you fill sick because everything is so fresh, and those last few bites are kind of depressing because you know it’s about to be all over :(

But, as amazing as the burgers are, I’ve gotta be honest – I think I like to chips better!!

The herbed chips are where it’s all at people, you MUST get some. Now.

You know when you get some chips with your food, and you eat them, most of which are kinda mehh, cooked but not crispy… and you find those one or two super golden and crispy chips, so you save them until last because they’re so darn good? Well imagine a WHOLE bucket of chips like that!!! Smothered in rosemary and sea salt, and they are all golden and crispy and delicious, no soggy chips in sight!!! Ahhhhh it’s a dream!!!

On this particular night, we did actually also get some ice cream (I got Bounty, Sous-Jeff got Snickers) – unfortunately it didn’t last long enough to be photographed, but the ice cream is beautiful too!

If you’re in the area, do yourself a favour and just head down there to try it for yourself – they really are good burgers!

Would rate it 8 out of 10.

The Burger Lounge

Healthy lunches!

2 Nov

Multicultural Cuisine of…

Healthy Eating!


Here we go again, summer is coming and I need to stop eating so much crap!


Actually, it’s not so much about getting “bikini ready,” it’s more about feeling better – after a few days of eating too much, I always feel kinda crap, so I thought it was time to detox a little and eat some good, wholesome, real food!


When I’m working, it’s generally a salad for lunch, but on my days off, I get the time to be a bit more creative :) Here are some of the lunches I’ve had over the last 2 weeks, hopefully they help give you some great ideas on how to re-vamp the lunch line up with something delicious and healthy!


Spaghetti with broccolini, peas, prosciutto, and toasted walnuts.


Toasted wholemeal bread topped with tuna, spinach, parsley and light tasty cheese


Toasted wholemeal bread filled with baby spinach and roast pumpkin & cashew dip.


Salad of baby spinach, paprika crusted prawns, tomato, corn kernels, lentils, mixed beans and fresh parsley.


What does everyone else do to shake it up a bit when they’ve been eating kinda crappy and feeling a bit sluggish and bleh?!